Convert Any Unit

The Fastest Way To Convert Units

The Fastest Way To Convert Units

Major update for 2017! The most advanced unit converter on the App Store. Just type in a unit without first selecting the category. As you type, a list of most likely units appear. Tap a unit to select it. For most units, 1 or 2 letters is enough to find the unit you want. Automatically saves the units  select into a Favorites list.


As you type, the most likely units appear. Once you have selected a unit, the other unit is automatically restricted to the category of the current unit.  At any time you can browse through the complete list of units available by tapping on the buttons to the right of the input fields. Advanced features include bookmarks and an integrated calculator. With over 5,900 units, this is the only unit converter you will ever need.


Streamlined Interface

• Search for and select units with autocomplete (as you type, a list of matching units appears).

• Search faster by typing in only the unit abbreviation or first letter of each word in the unit.

• "Intelligent Search" shows the most likely units first.

• Automatic category selection (category is automatically set once you select a unit).

• Flip Units button to switch the From and To units.

• Reset button to clear all inputs and start over.

• Convert to fraction.


Advanced Features

• Built in calculator.

• Save bookmarks and organize them into folders.

• Equations are shown for temperature conversions.

• Copy and paste to and from the clipboard.

• Conversion result is shown as an easy to understand equation.

• Unit names are automatically pluralized in the conversion result.

• Both unit names and symbols shown.

• Browse units in an alphabetically indexed list (can narrow by category).

• Results with up to 10 significant digits.

• Automatic formatting of numbers based on your current Region Format.

• Automatic formatting of extremely large or small numbers with scientific notation.


Over 5,900 Units In 46 Categories

Acceleration, Angle, Area, Blood Cholesterol, Blood Glucose, Capacitance, Currency, Data, Data Rate, Density, Dynamic Viscosity, Electric Charge, Electric Current, Electric Potential, Electrical Conductance, Electrical Resistance, Energy, Force, Frequency, Fuel Economy, Illuminance, Inductance, Kinematic Viscosity, Length, Luminance, Magnetic Field Intensity, Magnetic Flux, Magnetic Flux Density, Mass, Mass Flow, Mass Fraction, Mass Moment of Inertia, Mole Fraction, Pace (Speed), Power, Pressure, Radiation - Absorbed Dose, Radiation - Equivalent Dose, Radioactivity, Sound, Speed, Temperature, Time, Torque, Volume, Volume Flow, Water Hardness, Weight (Mass)


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