Calculator Pro Elite

The Best Scientific Calculator With History Tape for the iPhone and iPad


• Dual-line display lets you keep track of the input and result at the same time

• History tape remembers all of your calculations, time and date stamped

• Memory value is shown on the display

• Back button to correct mistakes

• 6 layouts (3 in portrait, 3 in landscape)

• 6 color themes

• Multi-line input for really long equations

• Scientific formatting of extremely large or small numbers

• Add a custom label to any calculation in the history tape

• E-mail a single calculation or the entire history tape

• 3D Touch enabled

• VoiceOver accessibility enabled



• Swipe down to see the history tape

• Swipe left or right on the keypad to switch between basic and scientific keys

• Swipe left on the display to backspace

• Swipe right on the display to clear

• Tap & hold on the result to copy

• Tap & hold on the input to move the cursor, copy, paste, convert to E-notation



• Select color theme

• Show rounded buttons

• Enable light tape background

• Show layout button

• Select allowable layouts

• Show memory buttons

• Replace (÷) button with (/)

• Replace (E) button with (00)

• Show thousands separators

• Change minimum / maximum number of decimal digits (0-12)

• Enable button sound

• Enable equals repeat feature

• Change font size (80%-120%)

• Enable bold font

• Enable left-handed mode


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